01. Corporate philosophies

Advocating Seinan professionalism as a core value, all employees strive to be professional members of society generating profits for the public benefit, and embrace the following philosophies:

  • A fair mindset creates friends and helps to build communities.
  • Valuable lessons can be learned from failures.
  • Hold out. Be tough. Cling to the work. Tackling all challenges with perseverance is a cornerstone of personal development.
  • Have free ideas and viewpoints. Satisfaction does not come from fixed thinking.
  • Have the humanity to be positive, responsive and cooperative in communication.

We believe that socially valuable output stems from an environment based on rules, fairness and a sense of social responsibility. We strive to develop and enjoy the environments in which we work, and to create value that everybody can share. Seinan seeks to employ professional members of society who can see various levels of value in recycling from a range of viewpoints and can serve as important management resources. The group welcomes applications from people who support its ideas and genuinely wish to work as part of the Seinan team.

02. Employee testimonials

Clerk (over-the-counter services, contracts, measurement of cars and related arrangements)
I’m on the front line of meeting customers. I always feel pleased when clients visit, and make a point of giving them a warm welcome. I often speak to customers on the phone, so I’m very careful about the tone of my voice and the words I use. This is a good working environment for women, and the company has a maternity leave system, too.
Planning coordinator (general affairs, accounting, sales, production control, marketing, system/management planning)
I moved from Tokyo to work in my hometown. I worked in a completely different industry before, but I can learn a lot in specialized areas here thanks to the company’s training system. Now I design production control systems with work including measurement, purchasing and selling. I make a point of going over what I learn every day to achieve my goal of soon becoming a fully qualified engineer.
Technical staff (goods delivery supervision/inspection, loading, pick-up)
I operate heavy machinery in work relating to the unloading of goods on the ground in the material yard. I think Seinan is a company that can foster the development of its people from scratch even if they have no experience. In addition to providing a training system, the company also helps employees to obtain qualifications and special licenses, and provides lots of guidance along the way.
Engineer (plant operation, facility management)
I’m in charge of the operation, maintenance and management of a plant at a gasification melting furnace. I genuinely believe the work we do at Seinan is in the forefront of our era. To live up to this standard and to serve society more and more, I make an effort to work with pride. Our workplace is cozy, and has lots of young people.
Engineer (design, facility manufacture/maintenance)
We’re in charge of everything relating to the production, installation, repair and maintenance of plant production lines. Our work is done over a large network, so anybody applying to work here should bear in mind that a lot of business trips are involved. It’s great for people with a keen interest in production. It’s fun to design and produce a line from scratch!
Ultrec staff (dismantling of disused cars, sales, marketing of used components)
Senior employees called meisters provide us with guidance in various situations. In some cases, we create our own work and do what we want to. There are lots of tasks in our workplace, including picking up and dismantling disused cars and counting and managing parts, which I find very worthwhile.

03. Hiring of new graduates

Guidelines for applicants

The 2016 new graduate recruitment has been finished.
Thank you so much for many applications.

Now we are preparing for the 2017 upcoming new graduate recruitment.
For details, please wait for a little while.

Please visit the recruitment website for more information.

Recruitment conditions

  • Starting salary: as per company regulations
  • Allowances: family allowance, commutation allowance, others
  • Salary raises: once a year
  • Bonuses: twice a year
  • Days off and vacations: Sundays, public holidays, Saturdays in line with the company’s duty roster
  • Benefits: enrollment in various social insurance systems, qualification support system, employees’ saving scheme, resort house eligibility
  • Work locations: Hirosaki, Aomori, Hachinohe, Morioka, Sendai, Koriyama, Sakata

04. Mid-career hiring

Positions available

Mid-career recruitment is not available right now.


  • Salary raises: once a year
  • Bonuses: twice a year
  • Allowances: overtime allowance, family allowance, commutation allowance others (paid according to company regulations)
  • Working hours: 8:00 to 17:00
  • Days off and vacations: Sundays, public holidays, Saturdays as designated by the company, New Year holidays, annual paid leave, special leave for weddings and funerals in line with the company’s duty roster
  • Benefits: enrollment in various social insurance systems, qualification support system, resort house eligibility, periodical medical examinations

Screening steps

Documentary selection: Please note that it may take time to complete the review process if a large number of applications are received.

Primary screening: interview with recruitment officers and aptitude test

Secondary screening: interview with division supervisor/immediate superior Depending on the position in question, tertiary screening may be conducted. Applicants will be notified if this is the case.

Method of application

Please submit the following documents by e-mail or by post:

  • Resume
  • Summary of work experience
  • Cover letter


Recruiting Officer (position being applied for) Seinan Corporation

5-4-5 Kanda, Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture

Contact information for inquiries

General Affairs Department Tel. 0172-35-1413


05. Global Recruit

06. JH SEINAN Overseas Scholarship